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About Us
Elite Physical Therapy is based in Clondalkin and was founded by Gavin Coker whose sporting back ground led to a keen interest in sports injury and the treatment of athletes from all sporting fields and members of the public suffering from a whole host of conditions.
Gavin's involvement in sports started at the age of five and has never stopped, starting with football and Gaelic football, winning leagues at DDSL, AUL and LSL level, progressing to Taekwon-Do which he still participates in to this day as a 3rd Dan Black Belt and International Instructor.
As a member of the Ireland Taekwon-Do Team he competed at many international events such as European championships winning Bronze, and two four nations’ championships winning silver on both occasions.  As an individual competitor he won the British title and two Irish senior titles as well as many other local titles along the way.
After retiring from international competition due to an ankle injury, he received treatment from several different Physios, and found himself fascinated by the field of Physical Therapy and decided to become a Qualified Neuromuscular Physical Therapist.
Today Gavin treats all conditions involved with the muscular system. Physical Therapy deals with trigger points, scar tissue, swelling, fibrosis, hypersensitivity and numbness using highly skilled, hands-on techniques to prevent or treat underlying conditions.
The principal techniques used by Physical Therapists include Muscle Energy Technique (MET), Positional Release (PR), Soft Tissue Release (STR), Sports Massage and Postural Rebalancing (PR). These techniques have the common goal of eliminating trigger points and muscle hypertinicity which are key causes of soft tissue pain and discomfort.
Gavin also holds the Advanced Emergency Medical Care in Sport Qualification, allowing him to provide touchline emergency care to teams and clubs of all varieties. With a Qualification in Taping and Strapping Gavin provides players extra support before games and during their rehab from injury, helping speed up the process of recovery.  He is also a Cardiac First Responder and is qualified in the use of AED’S (Automated External Defibrillators). 
Being involved in the sporting world has allowed Gavin to see most sporting injury’s, but also the causes of most injury’s in general due to poor flexibility, posture and even poor diet, all contributing to a host of conditions.Treatment will benefit all populations from individuals with isolated strains or injuries, to sports enthusiasts and athletes by treating their soft tissue injury and preventing it from escalating into a larger problem in the longer term.
Physical Therapy frequently helps patients avoid surgery. However, in cases where surgery is required, it is also effective in preparing a patients injured tissue pre- and post- procedure by reducing inflammation and strengthening the surrounding tissue, muscles and ligaments that may be affected by invasive surgery thus accelerating the healing process and ones return to mobility.
Physical Therapy plays a very positive role in managing chronic ailments like arthritis where the hands on manual treatment keeps muscles supple and helps patients manage discomfort and pain.
As well as improving blood circulation and releasing the patient’s own natural pain killer, endorphins, Physical Therapy can increase the patients overall energy levels which are often low following injury.
It is essential that an injury is treated with Physical Therapy as soon as detected, as early intervention prevents the injury becoming chronic. Physical Therapy will assist in preventing muscle, ligament and tendon structures from weakening through reduced use resulting from injury.
At Elite Physical Therapy our qualified Physical Therapists combine Physical Therapy with a safe and effective exercise rehabilitation regime that is tailored to a patient’s specific needs. This assists with pain management and ensures the benefits achieved through Physical Therapy are maintained long term.
Elite Physical Therapy's Clients Include:
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